4 basic steps to create the perfect instagram feed

4 basic steps to create the perfect instagram feed

Have you ever thought about the importance of the Instagram feed ?

The Instagram feed is the business card of your profile. It’s a bit like welcoming a guest into your home: do you prefer welcoming them in a tidy, clean house with a well-defined style or in a messy house with a jumble of styles and colors?

Each element of a feed must have a meaning and must be strategically studied, because it conveys the values ​​and vision of your brand: creating a cohesive feed “calibrated” on the objectives of your business is fundamental.

It takes patience and strategic study, I know. But a feed with a defined personality , I assure you, is not an option – it is a necessity.

Since I’m here to help, here are 4 tips on how to create the perfect Instagram feed . Let’s start?

Choose the style of your feed

Having studied the communication strategy, the objectives to be achieved and the KPIs, you must choose the best way to communicate your brand. On Instagram, this also translates into choosing the style of your feed .

Take the time to understand which style to opt for, whether to prefer warm or cold colors, whether to use patterns or not, and choose the solution that best represents your brand. Consider creating a mood board , which can guide you in making a feed with an engaging and clear personality and help spark creativity.

You can also take inspiration from others, but without copying: rather, it “steals” the concepts behind it, studies the visual coherence and tries to give an interpretation to the strategy that could be upstream.

Choose content that fits the aesthetics of your feed

Have you chosen the aesthetics and style of your feed? Well, the first, fundamental step is done. Now you need to create content that fits your feed and audience , which increases engagement by reaching the right people.

If your feed has personality and “resonates” with the tastes of your followers, you’ve hit the mark! I advise you to study a bit of graphic design and photography, perhaps specific for smartphones: on Instagram , authenticity and not perfection count , but knowing the basics will help you publish more effective photos and images.

In your content strategy you should also include UGC (User Generated Content) , the content created by users, which have a high value because they represent the link between you and your followers and help to strengthen the relationship with your audience.

Rather, avoid stock photos , as far from a feed with a strong personality.

Use filters to give your feed visual consistency

One of the easiest ways to give your feed visual consistency is to use filters. Avoid changing the filter for each content: do you remember the similarity of the messy house? Choose the filter (or a set of filters) that best suits your brand personality and don’t change.

To find (or create!) The perfect filter, you can use apps like VSCO, InShot or Adobe Lightroom, which offer you, for free and for a fee, a wealth of possibilities.


You have chosen the style of your feed, the ideal filter to communicate your message and correctly convey your brand personality to the public. You just have to plan the publication of the contents .

Making a content strategy is a job made up of various phases: first, choosing the contents to publish based on the target (who do I want to reach?), What you want to express (what do I want to say?) And how you want to do it (how do I want to say it? ). Making a plan and a medium to long-term editorial calendar is the right move to avoid finding yourself improvising.

Your feed must quickly communicate to followers, new and “old”, what you want to say and do it clearly, giving a clear and strong image of your brand .

Make the feed consistent, but not repetitive, test new content and unedited compositions, publish only valuable content and not content to fill spaces. For example, if you sell products, you can mix what you offer and informative or playful content, including UGC.

Perfect Instagram Feed: Are You Ready?

Are you ready to create your perfect feed ? Let me know your experience: write me here or on social networks and let’s talk about it!

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