Here is the Twitch Generation, authentic and inclusive

Twitch today has 140 million active users globally and is definitely a platform that young people really like. Here is a study outlining the characteristics of the authentic and inclusive Twitch Generation.
Twitch is one of the best-known streaming platforms in the world and, certainly, one of the most widely used by younger users. The platform was born in June 2011 from the ashes of, created in 2007 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, and then became the property of Amazon in 2014 (deal closed at $970 million). Google also had its eye on the elected e-gaming platform at the time, but then backed out for fear of attracting competitive problems, as it already owned YouTube.
These brief historical notes to say that today Twitch is a well-established reality, over time it has extended its reach, becoming an all-round live streaming platform, finding considerable success, precisely, among younger users.
And if it is true, as it is true, that the platform’s ideal audience is, precisely, younger users, it is also true that Twitch makes no secret of its desire to attract them to its platform. We are talking, to be more clear, about those young people who belong to Generation Z, which is so much talked about, and Generation Alpha, those who as of today represent 2.5 billion people out of the 8 billion just reached. We are talking about those who by 2030 will realize, collectively and globally, earnings of $33 trillion, or almost a third of the world’s income.

And Twitch being an informal platform, where interpersonal relationships and everyone’s talents are encouraged and incentivized, then there are all the conditions for this attraction to happen.
But as is the case on all social media platforms, so where content is shared, being relevant is important. And Twitch, in order to better understand what the characteristics are to become relevant, conducted a global study “Leading Cultural Change,” putting together elements of semiotic analysis, questionnaires and virtual focus groups, from which it extracted a very interesting set of data that can come in handy for brands in order to build a solid relationship with the new emerging audience.
From the semiotic analysis, it emerged in particular how it is a priority for brands to learn to speak the language of the young adults who populate digital spaces. The language of the Twitch Generation is strongly influenced by technology, and from this point of view, the context takes on as much importance as the symbol. If the symbols are always the same, it is the context that loads them with new meanings.

Thus, from the Twitch study, 5 behaviors were found that most accurately describe the way emerging generations communicate. These are 5 elements that characterize a different approach to social media platforms and digital tools in general.

From artificiality to Authenticity – today’s emerging audiences are increasingly distancing themselves from what is perceived as perfect, and therefore unattainable, preferring those intimate, even imperfect, experiences that are nonetheless immediately authentic and honest. On Twitch, streamers communicate with their audiences openly, and users especially appreciate that what is broadcast is real, not constructed.
From Rigidity to Fluidity – thanks to technology, for the Twitch Generation the distinctions between the virtual and real worlds are becoming less and less fixed: audiences are now offered seamless interactivity, leading to fluid, new, and unique experiences in which real and virtual increasingly interpenetrate.
From Exclusivity to Inclusivity-Young adults are growing up in an increasingly inclusive world, where anyone is welcome, even and especially when it comes to culture, entertainment, and learning. Exclusive experiences no longer have the same appeal they might have had in the past, but rather: online communities are becoming progressively more welcoming, more diverse within themselves, and so is Twitch’s, truly open to all.

From Passivity to Collaboration – Twitch users agree that the strength of the service is the vast possibilities for interaction between streamers and viewers. Today’s audiences know that entertainment can be much more than passive enjoyment of content: technological innovation is enabling like never before to take part in shared experiences, and young people expect to be able to participate firsthand, even in the digital world.
From Disengagement to Propositivity – the emerging generation has been able to bring various environmental and social issues to public attention and believes in the possibility of positive change. It is a theme they hold dear, and one that young people also expect to see reflected in the values expressed by brands and in the online spaces they frequent, such as the Twitch community, which they believe to be supportive and proactive, prone to change.

Authenticity, Fluidity, Inclusiveness and Collaboration. These are the key words that emerge from the study and characterize the typical mode of communication of these generations.
From Leading Cultural Change it emerges how Twitch is a welcoming space not only for people, but also for brands. The data collected indicate how for most users of the service any company can advertise on the service: as long as they adapt their language to that of the community present, users believe Twitch is the ideal space to experiment with new advertising languages.
“Gen Z and Gen Alpha have grown up with smartphones and the Internet, which have inevitably informed the way they communicate: creative, disruptive, and memes are an important part of their culture and humor. Understanding the rules underlying communication flows, and fitting within them, is the key to being relevant,” says Nicoletta Besio, Sales Director for Italy.
Here, we thought it was interesting to point you to this interesting study (the link is more above) because Twitch is one of those fastest growing platforms with, by now 140 million monthly active users. It was 55 million in 2015.
And are you already using it?

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