How to add link in insta bio ?

Want to know how to add link in insta bio ? You are in the right place !

In this article, we’ll explain all aspects of linking in Instagram bio and how to get the most out of it.

You have surely already heard influencers or brands say “find the link in bio” or “click on the link in bio” or other incentives to visit this famous link in Instagram bio .

But why is everyone redirecting their traffic to this link in bio and not directly to the Insta post in question?

The reason is simple, you cannot add links to your Instagram posts.

In order to direct your audience outside of Instagram, you will then have to go through this unique exit door.

The only exception is for Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers, who can add a “swipe up” link in Instagram stories.

But that link will expire in 24 hours, so nothing very concrete.


  1. How to add a link in your Instagram bio?
  2. Instagram bio link: importance and statistics
  3. How to add multiple links in your Instagram bio

How to add a link in your Instagram bio?

To add a link in your Instagram description, nothing could be simpler.

1/ Navigate to “Edit profile” when you are on your profile.

2/ Fill in the “Website” section with the URL of your choice.

Please note that this link is very limited. Indeed, you can only insert one link in your Instagram bio and you will only have few statistics on its performance.

Many influencers have asked Instagram to add the possibility of putting several links in their Instagram bio , but for the time being Instagram has not yet responded favorably to their expectations.

In short, this is logical, Instagram does not want to see its traffic reduce and leave the social network.

However, in recent years, many tools have emerged to meet this need, such as linqs .

Linqs lets you easily add multiple links to your bio, so your followers can easily discover all of your content and simply follow you everywhere.

Instagram bio link: importance and statistics

We just saw how to add a link in your Insta bio .

It was simple, right?

Now let’s understand why you need to make the most of this link and how to measure its performance.

As said before, this link is bio is the only exit door from Instagram or the only gateway to other content that you offer.

Whether you are a Youtuber, an artist, a craftsman, a B2B company, an e-commerce, you necessarily have other platforms and would like your Instagram audience to consult your content on different platforms.

Thanks to this link in bio, you can redirect your followers to your favorite content / site and thus close sales, increase your fan base on other platforms , etc… !

Indeed, we can imagine many different use cases for this link in bio:

  • Collect emails from your followers
  • Promote your Youtube channel
  • Promote a promotional offer
  • Etc…

“I put my link but now how do I know if people click on it? »

Nothing simpler yet!

To do this, you will need to switch your Instagram account to an Instagram business account.

Once done, go to statistics, on the right side of your Instagram account and look for the “Clicks to website” section.

This count indicates the number of clicks obtained over the given period.

Pretty handy, isn’t it?

How to add multiple links in your Instagram bio?

Just added your link in your Instagram bio, but want more?

We understand you, it is very frustrating to have your audience stuck on a single platform or even to have to change the link in the bio each time you want to redirect your audience to a new site or platform.

That’s why for some time now we’ve been seeing a slew of tools for adding multiple links in your Instagram bio hitting the market.

For our greatest pleasure, of course.

Don’t worry, all of these tools follow Instagram’s terms of service. You will therefore not block your account using these tools.

Let us quickly explain the principle of these tools.

These tools generate a unique URL redirecting to a page where all your links are presented.

The interest?

You always keep the same URL in your Instagram bio, and you only have to modify your page in question to update a link.

In addition, the tracking statistics are much more developed on these tools than on Instagram.

Most of these tools have a limited free version and a paid version, but very inexpensive.

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