How to add link to instagram story

How to add link to instagram story

How to insert a link in an Instagram Story? How do I get the swipe-up functionality? Why add a link to YouTube or a website in an Instagram post? If you manage an Instagram account, it is important to know the answers to these questions.

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If you have enough subscribers or a certified account, after creating your story and choosing the photo or video of your choice, all it takes is a single click or finger tap to insert a URL link into your post. . This converts your visitors into subscribers.

Link in a Story on Instagram

Since Instagram made the creation of Stories possible, new features have appeared on the social platform. One of the most interesting is the possibility of inserting links directly inside the publications. You share different content with your subscribers.

This feature is called swipe-up . In reference to the gesture that the user must perform to consult the link on the application for Android mobiles and for iPhones. On computers, a simple click on the mention “see more” allows to consult the links.

Get the Swipe-up feature

In order to be able to add links using the swipe-up, convert your account to a professional account. You need a minimum of 10,000 subscribers, or a verified account .

Switching to a business profile is done very quickly from the settings section of your account. Achieving 10,000 followers will require more personal investment. Our Social Network Training is accessible to allow you to learn the best practices to achieve this. Our training is eligible for full or partial support by mutual funds for vocational training.

Regarding the verification of your account, you can request it directly in the options of Instagram. Select “request verification” then follow the procedure.

How to add a clickable link in an Instagram Story?

What is a swipe up?

You must have already seen the swipe up links in the soties of your favorite Influencers. The swipe up link is simply a story link. This clickable link allows Instagramers to provide a direct link to a website or online store.

You will also find the swipe up links on Snapchat . The same principle is present on several social networks. It is therefore very interesting for Instagramers to offer this type of link much faster and more intuitive for your community and users. Optimize your collaborations by offering a swipe up link to the sites and products of the brands to make the purchase more accessible to everyone.

How to put a swipe up on Instagram?

Are you now wondering how to make a swipe up link on your Instagram stories? Well it’s very simple ! All you have to do is choose the photo or video you want to story. Add text or stickers to it according to your desires.

Then all you have to do is click on the link icon : it looks like 2 rings one inside the other. All you have to do is insert the URL of the page you want your community to discover.

However, you should know that the swipe up link can only be used for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers. If you do not have 10K subscribers on your Instagram account, you will have to pay for a link ad to be able to integrate it into your stories .

You can quickly add a swipe-up to your story in just a few steps:

Go to your profile, then select the camera icon at the top left
Proceed to create your story, taking a photo or video, or selecting content from your library
Select the icon representing the chain links
Fill in the URL link to add to your story
Validate the publication of your story

Gain visitors by embedding a link in an Instagram Story

Adding links in social media posts is a very effective tool, which is used by many brands and influencers. There are several ways you can use this feature to market your content or products.

Promote a professional activity in an Instagram story

More and more companies are using Instagram Stories to promote their activities, or to communicate about the launch of a service or a new product. The famous Adidas brand is very present on Instagram, and regularly uses its Stories to highlight its products.

Add a link to present a partnership or a product

You can insert a link in a story to promote the products of a brand with which you are affiliated. It is also a great way for you to showcase your own products and services. This is for example what the famous Youtuber Tibo Inshape does, who regularly highlights affiliated or personal products (books, sports programs, etc.) through his Instagram Story on the @inshapenutrition account .

Fashion bloggers also often use this process in their stories, to promote the clothes and accessories they present.

These links make it possible to encourage your followers to engage more, and to go to an external site in order to discover new content. It is a way for you to convert your subscribers into visitors or customers.

3 easy steps to insert a swipe-up link to your Instagram story

The swipe-up link , inserted in an Instagram Story, is very effective for your communication. It leads directly to a product page, a service, your last YouTube video or the new article on your blog. But how to integrate it? Let’s see this in detail.

You already know it: Instagram is the social network of the moment. It has 1 billion followers . This makes it the perfect tool for celebrities, influencers, brands and businesses of all sizes.

It is not for nothing that you too have opted for this nugget with many advantages. 

On the web, everything goes faster. Everything is changing at high speed. And Instagram is no exception to the rule. Everything is done to make the social network more impactful.

And it succeeds: 83% of users say they discover products and services thanks to Instagram (Facebook study carried out in 2019).

However, many of us don’t know enough about Instagram’s juicy spinoff features.

Since 2018, this famous swipe-up link has been the holy grail of Instagrammers who target efficiency! It greatly increases visitation and conversion rates. Without it, the only clickable link on this visual social network is the one in your profile.

In other words, having the possibility of inserting a link that opens with a simple movement of the finger upwards, on your story presenting an offer, it changes the game!

But there you have it: this feature is not open to everyone. 

To access it, you must meet one of these two conditions:

  • Have 10,000 followers;
  • Get a verified Instagram account.

How to do in your case? Let’s see it step by step.

Step 1: Verify your account

You don’t have the 10,000 subscribers giving you direct access to the insertion of a swipe-up link in your stories? Another solution is available to you: have your account verified . 

Make your request in a few clicks:

  • Access your Instagram account options,
  • Open the “Request verification” menu,
  • Fill in your full name,
  • Add a photo of your identity document if you are an individual, or an official document certifying the existence of your business if you have a professional account,
  • Complete the operation by clicking on “Send”.

However, be patient with the processing of your request: Instagram does not indicate any deadline.

In addition, you have no certainty: your request may be refused, according to sometimes very vague criteria on the part of the moderators of the social network. 

Step 2: Insert a “swipe up”

Is your Instagram account verified? Great ! Take the next step!

Now learn how to insert the swipe-up link so dear to companies into your stories. By the way, did you know that 50% of users follow at least one brand (Source: Mention, 2018)?

Here is the procedure to follow to integrate a swipe-up:

  • enter your profile;
  • click on the camera icon located in the upper left corner;
  • create a story with a photo, video or boomerang;
  • add a URL to your story.

And There you go ! It’s that simple. 

Step 3: Match your stories to your swipe-ups

The story link is functional … But it will be little used if you do not inform your followers. In your story, invite them to swipe up to go to the page they want.

Your post should be interesting, touching or surprising: it should bring you closer to your users.

The swipe-up must be adapted to your story .

Certainly, Instagram helps 80% of consumers to decide before making a purchase of a product or service, according to a Facebook study from 2019. But the interactions with your followers must be of unstoppable quality.

To influence a purchase, create personalized, polished and original content. You can enrich your stories with: stickers, geotags, hashtags, drawings, attractive texts, etc. Content is still the key.

Choose a swipe-up that gives direct access to the product or service , never to the home page of your site. This can only strengthen the passage to action.

Avoid unnecessary steps: be direct and precise in your promotional stories, without being a carpet dealer! But your prospect must already have an idea of ​​the article that is about to make him succumb to the temptation. 

Instagram continues to innovate, especially for companies keen on business opportunities.

10,000 followers, just like a verified account, open the doors to the world of stories for swipe-ups. These are a boon for those who know how to use them well. Know how to make content that stands out. Coco Chanel said: “to be irreplaceable, you have to be different! “.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out, Instagram has not finished surprising us. 

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