Instagram is the social media of visual content par excellence. The numbers speak for themselves: Instagram can count on over 1 billion active users and 500 million people who publish content in stories every day . For a brand, such a pool of users represents a gold mine to draw from to find new followers to turn into customers.

That’s why it’s important to create a strong brand identity on Instagram: arousing attention, creating content that resonates with people’s emotions and having a well-defined personality is essential for professionals and companies.

How to create your own brand identity on Instagram

It is necessary to make a clarification immediately: Instagram is a social network that can help a brand to grow and find new customers, but without an upstream strategy, any action can be in vain.

Before thinking about creating your own visual brand identity on Instagram, therefore, it is good to create the brand identity tout court, which must be consistent across all media, traditional and digital. To put it another way, to have a visual identity on Instagram, our brand needs an identity .. period.

To create the identity of your brand, it can be useful to imagine it as if it were a person in flesh and blood, with its own character, desires, values, aspirations. Hence the brand’s mission and vision.

How to create or understand (and therefore communicate) the personality of your brand? In this regard, it may be useful to answer some questions:

  • What does my brand do, and how does it do it?
  • What is the main value of my brand?
  • What words would I use to describe the brand?
  • What does my brand offer in terms of experience?
  • What kind of people do I want as a customer? What lifestyles, what desires, what goals and what values ​​do they have?

Another useful trick is to write a list of adjectives and highlight the ones that fit best with our brand. As mentioned, it can be useful to imagine him as if he were a person, and “play” – very seriously – a little: for example, imagine which car he would drive, what shoes or clothes he would wear, what dish or favorite drink.

It is equally important to create detailed buyer personas: understanding exactly who our customers are – or could be – is essential to resonate and, consequently, create a relationship of trust (loyalty means just that) with them. What do they do, what do our customers think? Are they millennials or are they part of generation X? Or are they part of the controversial baby boomers category? To create the identity of our brand, it is very useful to understand how the audience we want to reach thinks and moves.

Once the identity of your brand has been created, we can move on to the creation of the visual identity, which is its direct emanation.

Creating visually attractive content isn’t enough: the wow effect can help, but it’s not enough. You need to create a precise visual identity and visual content consistent with the personality of your brand. In fact, it would be a trademark mistake to copy or imitate the successful posts of other brands: to stand out, we must be unique.

Moving on to the creation of the visual brand identity, there are several steps to follow. Apart from the logo, the first thing to do is to choose the color scheme of your brand. Different shades of the same color can have a different impact on people. This is why it is useful to know the psychology of colors in marketing and how they affect perception: if a pastel blue can be associated with calm or youth, a navy blue can be a symbol of elegance and authority.

It is not an immediate job and you need, upstream, a very specific strategy: it can take hours, if not days, to find the right color combination. We use coolors to quickly generate color schemes.

As important as the color set is the choice of font – or font combination. The choice is wide, and therefore difficult. In general, however, we can group fonts into two large families: Serif and Sans Serif. If the Sans Serif are linked to concepts of innovation and modernity, the Serif, that is the font with the graces, are associated to concepts such as tradition and “seriousness”.

Finding the ideal font, perfect to represent the personality of the brand, is a complicated job: the solution would be to entrust the work to an expert graphic designer, otherwise you need study, dedication, good taste and knowledge of visual marketing to choose it yourself.

Having chosen a combination of colors and fonts, we can move on to create visual content for our social media, Instagram in the lead. First, however, it can be of great use to create guidelines for social media, to share with everyone collaborators, in which to include in detail what to publish on social networks and how to do it. In the document, in addition to the description of the brand personality, the logo and the combination of fonts and colors, we can include relevant taglines, keywords to be used in the caption and instructions on how to compose the images.

Having standard templates to use, with a specific filter associated with the brand, can help create a visually harmonious feed that is consistent with corporate personalities and objectives.

Why it is important to take care of the visual brand identity

Why is it so important to have a well-defined visual identity on Instagram? The reasons are different, and all valid.

First of all, thanks to a neat and cohesive feed we will immediately make a great first impression: and this is already no small thing. If a brand looks good, it has a better chance of attracting attention and being recognizable at first glance. A well-made feed, with well-designed and well-crafted images, generates a perception of trust in the viewer.

A single feed, with unique and non-generic content, allows you to stand out from the crowd and differentiate the brand from others.

The Instagram feed is able to “photograph” a brand and its personality: the strength of a carefully crafted visual project can make the difference and increase followers and engagement.

Tools for creating valuable visual content: and Pixlr

Having said the importance of brand identity on Instagram, let’s see two tools that can be useful for creating content: You probably already know Canva or VistaCreate, so in this article we will focus on two other (great) tools : Designs and Pixrl.

Designs is a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to create great content in a short time: logos, flash video, visual content and soon mockup. The functions are many: thanks to Font Pairer it is possible to create combinations of fonts with the aid of AI (Artificial Intelligence), while the Graphic Maker function gives the opportunity to create SVG vectors with a convenient editor.

Added to these are the Color Matcher function, which uses Artificial Intelligence to generate harmonious color combinations, Design Maker, which thanks to AI is able to generate a huge number of design variations, and Calendar , To have at hand all the celebratory dates of the year for Real-Time Marketing actions.

Designs offers several plans, designed for everyone’s needs, from the free version to the Pro and Enterprise packages.

Pixlr , an image editor that allows editing directly from the browser. The supported formats are the main (but not only): among them, PSD, PXD, JPEG and PNG.

AI tools make work easier and make it even more professional. Pixlr also offers its users a stock of templates and images divided by category, without forgetting the useful automatic and free background removal function.

Pixlr offers a basic online editor (Pixlr X) and an advanced editor (Pixlr E), as well as various plans: the free editor already allows you to work well, but for the most demanding, Premium plans are available and the Creative Pack at affordable prices.

Make yourself known in order to emerge

We underlined the importance of chromatic consistency and brand recognition as elements to stand out from the competition and make a difference on the platform.

The algorithm currently still uses the likes received on images as useful data for the purpose of distributing a post. It follows that the fewer likes an image receives, the less organic coverage it will have.

Therefore, on the one hand, a visual coherence helps the recognition of the brand and its attractiveness, on the other hand it helps to emerge within the platform in terms of algorithm.

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