How to create an IGTV series

How to create an IGTV series

On social media – and particularly on Instagram – you are what you say you are. And to tell who you are, you need to know what to say, how to say it and do it in an authentic way, without artifice, giving your followers useful, fun material, something that helps build a bond with you.

In the editorial plan, you can decide to include an IGTV series . When IGTV was launched in 2018, it took users and brands a while to figure out how to make the most of it. Instagram believed in it, added tools and features, and people also began to use it to create “series”, a bit like a sitcom, which told something new week after week.

Now IGTV has achieved great popularity among brands, influencers and users of the platform. An IGTV series is a fast track to reach more people, increase engagement and, why not, get leads from people interested in what you propose.

Given the potential of the IGTV series, let’s try to find out how to create an IGTV series through 4 phases. Are you ready to follow me?

Write a blueprint and editorial plan

As usual, and as we will never tire of repeating, before acting, we need to plan. Ask yourself a series of questions: What kind of series do you want to create? What do you want to communicate and with what tone of voice? Who do you turn to?

An IGTV series must be closely linked to the brand and offer a recognizable and repeatable style. Think carefully about what your audience wants to see and think carefully about how to propose it to them, episode after episode. Above all, test: ideas, formats, sketches, check what works and what doesn’t and, based on the data, plan your series.

Of course, you must also carefully evaluate your budget, resources, whether to rely on the help of other professionals or whether to do everything yourself. Once you have a clear idea, put your series project in black and white.

Write your episode’s storyboard

We’ve said that you should think of an IGTV series as a sitcom, especially if you’ve been thinking about making use of storytelling to communicate with your audience. This is why it can be particularly useful, before recording the first episode, to create a storyboard with the details of what you want to say in the video, the camera setting, any effects, the length of the episode and so on.

This will allow you to do a neat and clean job, in which everything flows smoothly and exactly as you thought it would be.

Record the first episode of the series!

You have planned, devised a strategy, decided on the style and theme of the series. You know who your audience is and what you want to communicate, and you’ve even written the storyboard. Well, it’s time to register your first episode!

It is not necessary to have a large budget: of course, if you have a particularly high-performance smartphone, professional equipment (microphone, video camera), suitable locations and lights, the result will be technically flawless, but that’s not what matters: creativity and the ability to engage with compelling content. , useful, funny are the factors that can determine the success of your series.

So, before you start buying professional equipment, study your series well, think about how to structure it in order to create a wow effect in people: the rest will come by itself.

That said, when recording, pay attention to the intensity of the light (preferably natural) and the clarity of the sound: it can be useful to get a tripod to place the camera or smartphone at the right distance. Even a nice editing app, like Inshot, can help you make your series visually flawless. In any case, always prefer authenticity to artificiality.

Create your series, promote it, and track the results

After preparing your videos for the series, choose the episode history and take advantage of the features of the IGTV to organize your series: Instagram has studied the feature precisely to allow creators to do everything with ease: add the video, write name and description and, using the appropriate button, add to a series.

Once the first (or the first) video has been made, move on to the promotion, taking advantage of all the features made available by Instagram in its interest: for example, you can use the countdown sticker in the stories to announce the imminent release of a new episode.

Create the hashtag of your series and use it every time you talk about it, publish a preview in the feed and, why not, cross-market the content also on other social videos, such as YouTube.

Finally, test and track the results through the platform’s insights: focus on the views, of course, but above all on the retention rate, i.e. the percentage of people who see your video in its entirety. If high, it means your videos are being appreciated.

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