How to repost on instagram?

How to repost on instagram?

Currently, Instagram only allows you to repost a post in your Story. However, there are tips for reposting your account.

Instagram is an increasingly popular social network with around 1 billion active users around the world, but unlike Facebook or Twitter, it does not yet allow reposting. Repost is the action that allows you to share a photo or video from another account on your interface. However, and because nothing is impossible in the field of the web, a few tips allow you to do it quite easily. Here are some tips for reposting on Instagram .


Repost from a screenshot

This method is very simple and certainly the most basic. It does not require any download from an application external to Instagram. Start by locating the photo you want to appear on your page and take a screenshot. On many phones, all you need to do is press the home button and the button to turn off the phone at the same time.

Then, on Instagram , perform exactly the same actions as when you go to find a photo in your photo album, namely:

  • Press the “+” icon
  • Tap on library and select the screenshot
  • Crop the image then press “Next” to add a filter
  • Add caption and hashtags if you want
  • Click on “Share” and your photo will appear on your page

Using the Repost for Instagram app

Here is another method to repost. This time, you will be able to use an application outside of Instagram. The procedure to follow remains very simple.

  • Download the Repost for Instagram app from the AppStore or Google Play depending on your phone and then install it.
  • Once you open it, use the same username and password as for Instagram to log in.
  • In Instagram, find the photo or video you want to post to your page and tap the three dots at the top of the image. It is then that you must select the “Copy link” tab.
  • Then go to the Repost for Instagram application where you will see the photo or video from which the link copied a few seconds earlier.
  • Adjust the settings and tap on the “Repost” tab. And there you go, it’s done.

Mention the author of the photo, out of respect

If some applications allow you to mention that you have reposted, you will indeed see the symbol appear with the two arrows followed by the name of the user whose photo or video you have duplicated, this is not the case when you perform this action via a screenshot.

In this case, it is recommended that you mention the author of the photo or video yourself. There is no copyright on Instagram and you won’t be penalized if you ever forget to do so, but ethically it is more correct to mention the original user.

For example, in the personal caption that you are going to add to your repost, make the name of the user appear preceded by the @ symbol. The user will be warned that you have used their content and will take it more as a compliment than a spoof.


If you like a post and want to share it in your story, it’s easy! Just click on the little share arrow below the post. You can then choose to add the post to your story, or select contacts to whom you would like to send it.THE ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW THIS AD


You wonder what the point of reposting when the object of Instagram is rather to be at the initiative of its own creations? Well that can have an interest, on a personal basis, as in a Social Media strategy.

On an individual basis, mentioning original users will alert them to your repost. They will therefore have a notification that can push them to come and see your profile and take an interest in your publications. And in the best case, to subscribe to your account. This is therefore a good way to increase your number of subscribers .

If you are a community manager and you use Instagram through a digital strategy for your brand, note that studies have shown the effectiveness of sharing photos and videos. It is even said that it is more effective than any other sharing on social networks. People love to discover new visual content and marketing and communication professionals have fully integrated it to the point of including the sharing of content from other brands in the development of their Social Media strategy. We note in this regard that more and more advertisers are entering into partnerships with other companies, and even influencers. With the final objective of increasing their audience and their visibility.

How to repost a photo on Instagram?

If there is one word at the heart of social networks, it is this: Share.

When people post something on social media, they only want one thing, for the world to see it.

Photos, videos circulate freely which allows anyone to share any content.

Instagram is clearly the social network of the moment with these Instagram stories that have dethroned Snapchat, and the many very promising features. In a few years, Instagram has multiplied its number of users and as a result, the amount of content published has exploded.

Have you analyzed a competitor’s Instagram statistics and are envious?

Looking to surf viral content?

If you want to learn how to repost on Instagram , you can use different solutions.

Specifically, there are two main methods: Using a dedicated regram app or taking a screenshot and sharing it on Instagram like any other image.

How to repost on Instagram easily?

Today there are applications for everything… or almost!

It is therefore not surprising that there are several apps that allow users to repost a photo or videos on Instagram, such as Repost for Instagram and Insta Repost .

These apps are free, have ads , and are fairly easy to use.

In our example, the application used is Repost for Instagram .

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Repost on Instagram – Step 1

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Repost for Instagram , launch Instagram.

Find a photo or video you want to repost and tap the three dots at the top right like in the image below.

Share a Photo on Instagram – Step 2

Tap “Copy link.”

Repost on Instagram – Step 3

Now open Repost for Instagram on your phone and you should see the Instagram photo you copied in the previous step.

Repost on Instagram – Step 4

When you’re ready to repost the photo to Instagram, adjust the settings and hit the Repost button . And there you go, it’s done.

You develop an Instagram repost strategy, and that’s a good idea.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account, you will quickly find that it is long and complicated.

Building your community on Instagram takes time, a lot of time.

On average, between 6 months and 1 year.

That’s why we have developed an Instagram training that will allow you to grow your Instagram community in just a few weeks and start making money with this channel!

Make a Repost on Instagram without an app

There are a lot of reasons not to install a Repost for Instagram app.

Maybe you do n’t want to clutter up your phone’s storage with more apps, or you don’t like the idea of ​​giving your photos and files another access.

Anyway, if you don’t want to use an app to repost, you can always take a screenshot of a photo you like and share it.

This may not be as elegant, let alone official, as using a Repost app on Instagram, but it clearly does the job.

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The last word to share a photo on Instagram

Before reposting a photo or video on Instagram, be sure to credit the author of the content in question.

Although on Instagram there is no copyright control, for ethical reasons it is best to tag the source of the content.

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