The bio is the first thing your audience see when they visit your profile.

If it is true that there is no second chance to make a good first impression, it is a matter of much more than filling the space with 150 characters in the best possible way : you have to be exhaustive in brevity and capture the attention of your audience . We are talking about a precious space to better welcome people on your profile, with the aim of transforming visitors into followers and followers into customers.

As in all marketing activities, in writing your Instagram bio it is good to set a goal : how do I want to communicate who I am, what I do and how do I distinguish myself from competitors?

So, we need to take care of the Instagram bio: there is no rain on this. But what are the main elements of an effective bio ? And above all, how to best write it? Here are 5 tips on how to write a complete bio that highlights your strengths and attracts people.

Use the username properly

Have you chosen your username carefully? Because the username can contain, in addition to the name and surname, also your profession or the activity you are passionate about : think of how many photographers, artists and artisans have added their profession to the username, perhaps separating them with an underscore. Thus, whoever reaches your profile will know what you do and will automatically associate it with your name.

Tag related accounts

As mentioned, the 150 characters of the Instagram bio should be used to give clear and precise information about oneself.

In the bio we can tag the accounts with which we collaborate or, in the case of a personal profile, direct to the account of our brand or our collateral activities.

Use CTAs in bio too

Have you written a new blog post? Have you made a video that you can’t wait to show to your followers? Or do you want to offer a promo that your customers will really like? Use the link in bio!

You can use the last line of the description to direct followers to a specific link , along with an effective CTA.

Remember to stimulate users with a call-to-action that leverages one of the many marketing persuasion techniques (scarcity, social approval, etc.).
For example: if you want to offer a timed promotion, you could write a call like “Today only / until 10 pm: click on the link now” . If, on the other hand, you want to use social proof, you can push the user to imitate what other people with the same interests have already done: “Already 100/1000 people have improved their life / their business thanks to this book / product” .

In short, the possibilities are many: do the appropriate tests and choose the CTA that gives you the best results.

Add your contact details in the bio

You wrote an engaging bio, which prompted people to become followers and, consequently, potential customers or collaborators. Very good, but remember to add your contact information !

Your best email, your phone number, your Telegram account in the bio buttons: put the contacts you use most often. Alternatively, you can invite people to contact you directly, but I still recommend that you give your followers more choice.

Please, remember to insert the contact buttons!

Carefully choose profile photos and featured stories

Are you a professional, an influencer, or you have a beautiful e-commerce on the rise. Why use a bad profile photo that, above all, is not part of your personality, of your brand identity?

The photo should tell what you are and what you do . If you manage a company profile, it is good to use the logo, in high definition obviously; otherwise, choose a photo that instantly conveys who you are and what you do. Remember: a picture says more than a thousand words! In this regard, contacting a professional photographer, in some cases, is anything but a strange idea.

And speaking of stories, did you take advantage of the featured stories , the hightlighs? Do you know that you can use them to tell your story, your values, your company’s mission ? You can use them for netiquette or to narrate the evolution of your business, or something about you that resonates with the stories of your followers, to create empathy … in short, do not leave the highlights empty, study a strategy and use them properly.

Instagram bio: don’t settle!

An Instagram marketing strategy made according to all the trappings is also made of attention to detail. Writing a good bio is worth no less than making good campaigns or drawing up a slap-up editorial plan. Remember: your Instagram profile is like your home, welcome guests properly!

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