Instagram guides are one of the latest functions introduced by Instagram: after a roll-out of several months, all users of the platform have been able to use this new, very interesting feature for a few months.

Let’s go into detail and first find out what guides are, then how to use them.

Instagram Guides: what they are and how to create them

Guides can be defined as collections of posts, places and products related to a specific theme or a specific event .

Taking advantage of already published posts, it is possible to create real guides, with suggestions and advice, around a topic or a list of products destined for a particular target or period (Christmas holidays, Easter, summer …). The guides can also collect posts related to tourist places and destinations (indeed, it seems that the initial inspiration of the guides was the travel sector). Guides appear in a dedicated tab on your personal or brand profile and can be shared in stories or via direct.

In the intentions of Instagram, as stated in the official blog , the guides must go beyond the instant use of content but help the platform to become “a place where you can easily find reliable information and inspiration “. The function allows you to add, edit and remove content from the Guides.

To create a guide, simply go to your profile, click on the + icon at the top right, select “guide” and choose one of the three options: posts, products or places. Once you have chosen one of the options, you can upload up to 30 posts, even from profiles of other people or brands, giving it a title, a description and adding a cover. Once you have chosen the posts, you can finally share your guide.

Instagram guides: how to use them best

Well, we have seen how to create the guides: now we just have to understand how to use them creatively and strategically.

Speaking of which, here are 7 tips for you.

Tip # 1: create a tips guide

Whether you are, for example, a fashion influencer, a personal trainer or an organic product brand, you can create a guide full of useful tips for your followers. Offering those who follow you, and therefore trust you, useful content is always, always a good idea.

Tip # 2: a guide full of gifts

Christmas is approaching and are you managing an e-commerce profile ? Here, this is an excellent opportunity to create an ad hoc guide with a nice collection of gift ideas . This strategy can be repeated every time there is a holiday or an anniversary.

Tip # 3: Think of a best of guide

A guide on Instagram can also be useful for creating a showcase of bestsellers or most popular posts . For example, a cook can create a guide with the most succulent dishes , a brand linked to the food sector, a guide with the healthiest recipes for those who want to lose weight… in short, the possibilities are endless. However, always remember to put creativity at the service of the concrete objectives to be achieved.

Tip # 4: share brand values ​​and stories

You can also use the guides to tell something about yourself or your brand through the art of storytelling . Tell your values, what drives you to do what you do, what is the vision behind your brand: the guides can also be used to make brand awareness and resonate with the values ​​and principles that guide your followers, even potential ones.

Tip # 5: Create a guide with great travel tips

Do you work in the travel sector ? Then there is nothing better than a guide with tips and tricks useful to travelers: what to visit, where to eat, attractions and typical dishes.
Instagram has always been one of the most loved social networks by brands and influencers in the travel sector: why not take advantage of the guides to create wonderful itineraries in the most beautiful places to visit?

Tip # 6: Promote a good cause

Guides can be very useful to companies and people active in social battles. Around delicate issues, such as bullying or racism, it is possible to create useful guides for those who need them because they are victims or to educate children (and adults!) To respect their neighbors.

Psychologists and counselors can also create guides with advice related to mental and psychophysical well-being.

Tip # 7: organize thematic guides

If you have a profile where you share different types of posts, or offer different services or products, a thematic guide is what you need to put your profile in order. Creating multiple guides is useful for collecting all the thematic posts in one place  .

For example, if your creative activity involves the publication of cooking posts, you could create a guide for each type of course : first, second, desserts, light dishes, party dishes, etc. In short, if you create a variety of content, you can organize ad hoc guides for each type of post you publish.

Instagram guides: don’t forget the strategy!

We have seen 7 tips for creating guides on Instagram. At the base, always remember, there must be a clear content strategy : don’t publish just for, don’t imitate competitors, but create a content strategy in which each action has a goal to be achieved and defined KPIs. Applies to Reels, stories, feeds and also applies to guides!

Now the word goes to you: what do you think of the guides? Do you use them, and how?

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