Instagram has an editing tool for stories (did you know it?)

Instagram has an editing tool for stories (did you know it?)

On Instagram, it is possible to quickly and easily edit your stories for a more professional, personalized and rhythmic result. The tool has been available for over a year, but no one really knows.

It must be said that the application did not present it like this. But as you will be able to see, thanks to the functionality, there are no more secondary video editing applications . This is excellent news, as most are paid or poorly optimized.

Edit your stories directly on Instagram

If you use Instagram in the classic way, your stories are published one after the other and it is not possible to change the size of each video as well as the cut times. But all that changes when you discover Instagram’s hidden tool.

This hidden tool is nothing but the Reel creation tool . These short videos, modeled on TikTok, are halfway between stories and YouTube videos, in portrait format. To match TikTok, Instagram has incorporated a very well-designed (and bug-free, unlike TikTok) editing tool.

It is thanks to him that the magic operates. For your stories, all you have to do is create a Reels with the editing tool, then upload the result to your gallery instead of publishing it. Then import the video as a story. Nothing’s easier. The interface of the Reels editing software is simple and allows you to import videos and photos from your gallery, then put them one after the other by cutting out the parts you want.

For music, it is not necessary to select it with the Reels creation tool because Instagram does not allow downloading the videos with music. To add a title in your story, we invite you to add it directly from the tool for stories.

In this regard, Instagram has updated its application so that music is used throughout a story. You will no longer need to spend time to synchronize each of your stories with the same music, Instagram takes care of it automatically now.

Go even further

We now invite you to familiarize yourself with the Instagram Reels tool. To our taste, this one is simpler and more efficient than TikTok’s tool. It also has the advantage of planting much less, unlike that of TikTok. Likewise, montages uploaded to your gallery do not have a small watermark marked “TikTok”. They can therefore be reused on other platforms.

In view of its advantages, we can therefore advise you to carry out all your video editing via the Instagram Reels tool. If for you too the TikTok bug application and you have already had the experience of losing an entire edit on TikTok when it is uploaded, we advise you to make your edits on Instagram, download them, then upload them to TikTok

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