Instagram is a growing social network with around 1 billion daily active users around the world. In recent years, Zuckerberg has introduced various innovations, from stories to Reels, which have allowed brands, influencers, social media managers and professionals to promote their products and services with increasingly effective tools .

But, as you can easily guess, with so many users constantly producing new content, it is difficult to emerge . Therefore, an Instagram marketing strategy must foresee the analysis of the trends of the moment , in order to understand in advance which direction the platform will take.

Let’s try to understand together what are the trends to follow in this 2021 .

Trend # 1: more and more Instagram Stories

One of the most loved features by Instagram users this year will turn 5 years old, and the success shows no signs of diminishing.

Having an effective story strategy helps you get the best out of the platform. Once the strategy has been studied, it is good to exploit all the potential offered by the stories to engage followers: images and videos (especially videos), stickers, surveys, sliders, shopping stickers, swipe ups.

According to a study by Social Insider, posting more than 5 stories a day guarantees a retention rate (which we could define, simplifying, the user’s loyalty rate) of over 70%. That’s why regular posting in stories is key, even in 2021.

Trend # 2: Reels on the rise

Launched last August to counter TikTok, the Reels are available in over 50 countries and find more and more space on the platform, a bit like what happened with all the new features. Those who have used the Reels right away have seen their engagement increase.

So why and how should you use Reels? Meanwhile, being a practically new function, you can take advantage of the visibility that Instagram is reserving , so as to increase engagement, be found by new potential followers, affirm your brand identity with short but effective content. At the moment, you can also repost TikTok content to Reels (but soon this may not be the case anymore).

Use the 15 seconds to grab people’s attention with useful and lively content – Reels will help you reach your Instagram Marketing goals .

Trend # 3: live content

The use of live shows on Instagram has skyrocketed last year. According to what reported by Business Insider, during the month of April 2020 it even touched 70% more use. Probably due to the complicated historical period we are experiencing, live shows have reached the apex of success because it brings people together at a time when being close is quite complicated.

So, doing live is a good choice , but with judgment, moderation and, above all, if you have something to say : before doing a live, it is good to study the topic you want to discuss, create a lineup with all the points. to touch and be ready to interact with people. Sometimes, you can also create a live question and answer session, but be sure to be ready to answer all the doubts of those who follow you.

Trend # 4: in-app shopping functionality

That people now buy from smartphones is certainly nothing new: it is therefore normal that Instagram also facilitates the purchase process for its users without leaving the platform. And the shoppable posts , the section dedicated to products on sale indicated by a small shopping bag at the bottom, become an opportunity to transform followers into buyers.

The dedicated section, stickers and other features to sell products make Instagram both a marketing platform and a small e-commerce channel .

Trend # 5: influencer marketing campaigns with micro and nano influencers

I have already talked about micro and nano influencers in an article some time ago . And if it is true that influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective strategies with which to acquire followers and customers, if your brand is a niche you could think of studying a campaign with one (or more) nano influencers , that is, those who have about 1000 followers, but they are able to have a big influence on their followers.

According to a Digiday research, nano influencers are able to involve and guide the decisions of about 8.7% of their followers , unlike the largest influencers, those with millions of followers, who would be able to influence the decisions of a percentage. much lower (1.7%).

Remember that people trust someone who has an authentic, friendly voice, someone who empathizes with them and resonates with their emotions. Look for an influencer in your niche who has these qualities.

Trend # 6: Embrace authenticity and be relevant

And speaking of what has just been said, study the strategy, set KPIs and objectives, but be honest, sincere, authentic. Authenticity is also a key factor in 2021. More than perfect images and graphics, polished to perfection, can a post that meets the needs and desires of followers. Use all the functions, but approach people naturally , without forcing and without copying anyone. Find your voice and the key to empathizing with your followers.

Another trend of 2021, but not only: be relevant . Beyond all the features, novelties, algorithm changes, you must maintain a high level in your publications, original and unique content. Don’t post just for much, post only if you have something valid to offer your followers : so you can stand out, using current trends intelligently with content that doesn’t add noise, but value.

We have seen 6 Instagram Marketing trends for 2021. Do you have something to add, also based on your experience on the platform?

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