Instagram, new navigation bar in favor of Reels and content

Starting in February, Instagram’s navigation bar will undergo a new update. Featured will be Reels and new content creation, at the expense of the Shop section. There will then be a return to advertising.
Starting in February, so within a few weeks, Instagram’s navigation bar, the one you see at the bottom of the app, will undergo a new revolution. Coe reads in the Help Center page update, the new bar will see the + symbol in the center with the Reels icon to the right, currently occupied by the Shop icon.
This means that Instagram wants to put more and more emphasis on Reels, a strategy that after all is not surprising, and content creation, at the expense of the Shop section. And to think that only in November 2020, Instagram’s intention was precisely geared toward capitalizing on the pandemic moment by highlighting the ability to shop directly from the app.
“Starting in February, we are changing the navigation of Instagram to make it easier to share and connect with your friends and interests. The navigation bar at the bottom of the app will now have the content creation shortcut in the middle and Reels on the right.” These are the words that read inside the new Help Center page, which also states that it will be possible to “create and manage your own store on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that deliver great value to users and businesses through the feed, stories, reels, ads and more.”

This is a strategic move that aims to follow a strategy that focuses on Reels, as we said, but also targets secure revenue.
Last September, Meta, through an internal memo to Instagram employees, had made it clear what the new strategy would be to pursue. A strategy that, in fact, put aside e-commerce by focusing on advertising.

📣 Navigation Update 📣
The navigation is changing in February to make it easier for people to create, be entertained and connect with friends over the things they love.
– Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) January 10, 2023

As mentioned, shopping will not disappear, but it will certainly play a more marginal role than before.
This is a change of direction that reflects, in some respects, Meta’s non-flourishing moment, which in the second part of 2022 faced a heavy revenue crisis, with losses related, above all, to the massive investment on the Metaverse that did not produce the hoped-for results.
So it’s back to advertising, the safe harbor. Except that today advertising, in light of how users have changed their approach, safe harbor is no longer so safe.

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