Instagram: Reels soon visible on Facebook for Android and iOS!

Instagram: Reels soon visible on Facebook for Android and iOS!

To the delight of Internet users, Instagram’s “Reels” are finally coming to Facebook for Android and iOS!

Facebook continues to make its main app look like Instagram . Content creators on Android and iOS can now share their “Reels” on the social network ! Linqs tells you everything from A to Z.


Not long ago, Facebook made a very big announcement with a new blog post. The “Reels” land on the very famous social network!

In the United States , content creators on Android and iOS can now share their videos on the famous app. And they are delighted!

The American giant is thus trying to overshadow its Chinese competitor . You will no doubt have understood it, so it is TikTok. This is the new ultra trendy platform for young people!

This feature, much appreciated by Internet users, already exists on Instagram , another social network belonging to the Facebook group .

We can therefore deduce that the latter wishes to improve the image of its main application , which has been in decline for several years now.

This is not the first time that it has created a bridge between its two platforms. Facebook Stories and messaging also come from Instagram .

“The ‘Reels’ will be present in the feed of your existing subscribers , details the American company. But people likely to be interested in your content will also be at the top of the news feed, in a dedicated section alongside ‘Stories’ and ‘Rooms’. “

“You can create and share ‘Reels’ in groups ,  ” she then says. Admins will be able to access a new group setting named ‘Single Theme’ which makes it easy to invite group members to share their Reels. “

There is a good chance that these novelties will spread to the rest of the world in the days to come. MCE TV tells you more!


As it tries to save its main social network, the Facebook group also has to deal with a crisis situation on the Instagram side . Yes, you did hear!

For several months, the very famous American company has therefore been working on the creation of a platform dedicated to 10-12 year olds . Eh yes !

But not everyone sees this project in a very good light … Not long ago, the daily The Wall Street Journal published an article against it.

Faced with the controversy, the Instagram manager had no choice but to react. He thus takes his defense and highlights his benefits.

“We started this project to respond to a significant problem observed across our industry,” he  explains. Children are getting younger and younger phones . “

He then argues that the latter  “lie about their age and download apps’ intended for people 13 years or older.” This new social network would therefore aim to fight against this scourge.

For the moment, the firm is putting the project on hold . But she doesn’t give up! It does intend to make itself heard… It is therefore a new affair to be followed very closely.

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