Telegram-like channels arrive on Instagram

Broadcast Channels are coming to Instagram, a mode that will allow creators to send one-way messages to their followers. This is a feature that is identical to that of Telegram.
Through its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta announced the launch of broadcast channels on Instagram, that is, a mode that will allow users, creators, to create a channel through which to convey unidirectional messages to followers who decide to subscribe. Followers who decide to follow the channel will only have the option of being able to interact with the proposed content through emoji and vote in polls when offered.
Now, no, we are not talking about Telegram, but really about Instagram, and the mode is virtually similar, if not identical. Zuckerberg himself in launching this mode started his own channel called “Meta Channel 📢” a place where he will offer “news and updates on all the products and technology we are building in Meta.”
Here, one feature of Instagram’s channels, which is identical to Instagram’s, is that the channel will have the name you decide to give it and content will be posted under that name. Kind of like what happens with our channel on Telegram, precisely.

Meta’s idea is then to bring in the next channels also on the other apps in the family, such as Messenger and Facebook, as well as the possibility of adding another creator to the channel.
Without getting around it so much, as we did a bit too, but it was necessary to explain the novelty first, the functionality is identical to that of Telegram, which has been around for a few years now.
Instagram’s Broadcast Channels are not yet available to everyone and are following a testing phase. Currently, snowboarder Chloe Kim, Jiu-Jitsu fighter Mackenzie Dern and meme account Tank Sinatra are using it.
How to start a broadcast channel on Instagram
The moment you have access to the feature, you will have the ability to start a channel from your Instagram inbox, and there will be an option to add the channel link to your profile to make it easier for followers to sign up. Channels can be open to all your followers, but you can make them exclusive to paid subscribers.

At the moment they can be used only from mobile and not also from desktop, as is the case with Telegram channels. But it is not ruled out that this could also happen for Instagram channels after this testing phase.
Telegram’s Broadcast Channels
For those unfamiliar with Telegram channels, it is useful to know that they are tools through which to share content, updates, news, links that belong to a specific topic or can be used to share updates from a headline, a blog, or a specific service. The number of followers that can follow the channels is infinite.
That said, it is a bit surprising this choice by Instagram to add more ways in dowry to creators that, in some ways, overlap with existing ones to the point of almost not understanding their usefulness at all. Of course, it will be interesting how these will evolve over time.
Let’s be clear, nothing to object to the channel tool, which is powerful and allows for the creation of very useful update spaces for those who need such a place. But there remains some doubt about its usefulness on Instagram. We shall see.

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