Telegram welcomes ’70 million refugees’ after Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp crash

Telegram welcomes ’70 million refugees’ after Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp crash

Telegram messaging dropped from 56th to 5th most downloaded free apps in the United States on Monday. A record according to the platform.

More than 70 million users have joined the Telegram secure messaging system, its Russian founder, Pavel Durov, said on Tuesday, October 5, a consequence of the massive outage that affected the applications of its competitor Facebook.

“We have welcomed more than 70 million refugees from other platforms in just one day,” said Pavel Durov on his Telegram account, referring to “a record increase in the number of registrations” .The sequel after the advertisement

Unprecedented growth

“I am proud of our team which has managed this unprecedented growth as Telegram has continued to operate smoothly for most of our users,” continued the 36-year-old billionaire.

An unprecedented global blackout on Monday forced billions of users to do without all Facebook services, from WhatsApp to Instagram, via Messenger and Oculus.

Taking advantage of the misfortune of others, Telegram messaging dropped from 56th to 5th place on Monday among the most downloaded free applications in the United States, according to specialist firm SensorTower.

Other competing networks, like Twitter, have also seen an influx of users.The sequel after the advertisement

“Welcome to Telegram”

“I would like to say the following to our new users: Welcome to Telegram, the world’s largest independent messenger. We will not disappoint you when others do, ” Pavel Dourov assured this Tuesday.

Founded in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, former creators of the very popular Russian social network VKontakte, Telegram claims to make security its priority and generally refuses to collaborate with the authorities, which has earned it blockades attempts in some countries , especially in Russia.

In January 2021, Telegram had already rejoiced to have gained 25 million users after the announcement by WhatsApp of a greater sharing of its data with its parent company Facebook.

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