In 2021, talking about TikTok in terms of novelty is at least anachronistic. The reality is that the Chinese social network is on the crest of the wave : downloaded 2 billion times (that’s right: 2 billion), TikTok is an app that can count on almost 700 million active fans.

In this context, Tiktokers of different nationalities quickly emerged and reached stratospheric numbers . Behind the success of the most famous Tiktokers, there is often creativity, ingenuity and the ability to involve the public.

Let’s see the ranking and try to steal the “secret”, which is not a secret, which is hidden behind the mind-boggling numbers of the top of the class.

# 1 Charli D’Amelio

With almost 120 million followers , the American dancer, born in 2004, between choreography, dancing and lipsync has managed to raise 4 million dollars in one year. It is estimated that each content published on TikTok earns him the beauty of 100 thousand dollars.

#2 Khaby Lame

The social phenomenon of the moment is one of our compatriots, who came to the fore in recent months. With his videos marked by a mimicry as simple as irresistible, the boy from Chivasso managed to unseat none other than Chiara Ferragni on Instagram and reached second place in the world ranking of Tiktokers with the most followers (he has 83.5 million scattered throughout Worldwide).

And to say that the 21-year-old started making videos on TikTok out of boredom, during the lockdown period: now he collaborates with different brands and dreams of acting with Checco Zalone.

#3 Addison Rae

The model and performer originally from Louisiana can boast over 81 million followers, who follow her for her ballet, lipsync and fitness exercises. He collaborates with important brands such as Fashion Nova and McCary’s Jewelery. To crown his success, participation in the NBA All Star Game together with Charli D’Amelio.

# 4 Bella Poarch

The popularity of the Filipino-born TikToker has grown tremendously over the past couple of years thanks to lipsync combined with facial movements to the beat of the music. Its contents also reach 200 million views.

#5 Zach King

Definitely more mature than his colleagues (he is a class of 90), Zach King is a creator, filmmaker and illusionist active on the web since 2008, when social networks were making their first stirrings. On TikTok he has 62 million followers. In 2011, his YouTube video, “The Jedi Kill Kittens”, was very successful, in which cats faced off with lightsabers in the style of Star Wars. Since 2016 it has been producing “digital sleight of hand”, fun video cutting and sewing with editing programs that have the appearance of magicians’ numbers.

The other 5 positions :

  • #6 Spencer X
  • #7 Dixie D’Amelio
  • #8 Loren Gray
  • # 9 Michael Le
  • #10 Riyaz AlY

What can we learn from the most followed TikTokers in the world Having said the ranking, what lessons can we learn from successful TikTokers ?

TikTok is populated for the most part by Generation Z and Millennials , and thousands of brands have already landed on this social network with the intent of intercepting this part of the public. As we already know, TikTok allows you to grow organically faster than other social networks. Furthermore, creating content is easier than it seems, also and above all thanks to the in-app functions.

With the right video content, it is possible to create engagement and end up in the For you section, where we can be found by potential followers.

What we can learn from the most famous TikTokers is that on social made in China you don’t need to offer “glossy” content, but to create funny or useful videos that attract attention. More than technique, creativity and originality can: see the example of Khaby Lame.

Furthermore, producing short videos can be the winning card: there is no need to repeat how much attention on social networks expires after a few seconds. This is why it is better to propose a content of 15-30 seconds capable of nailing the user than a video of 60 with dead time or not very sparkling.

Another fundamental factor, spontaneity ! Using TikTok to publish “traditional” commercials is not a good idea at all. Those who use TikTok love authentic videos , made with little means but that tear a smile and maybe, at the same time, say something useful for them.

But be careful: spontaneity does not mean the absence of planning . Using TikTok professionally involves studying a strategy, audience and buyer personas and a precise editorial calendar. Simply, we must present ourselves in an authentic way and value our qualities without exceeding formalisms.

Well, we’ve seen the 10 most popular TikTokers and got some insights into their content. As always, I await your opinion. Feel free to write me 

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