What are the differences between Tiktok and Instagram?

What are the differences between Tiktok and Instagram?

TikTok or Instagram ? Is it better the “social of ballets”, which has not been so for some time, or the social of influencers, reels and glossy photos (but things are much more complex than that)?

Speaking of TikTok “against” Instagram, in reality, is a bit of a stretch . There is no clash, there is no better social network regardless: it all depends on the strategy, the objectives, where your audience is, your brand identity. An overall strategy can include both Instagram and TikTok, diversifying the contents.

The reality is that there are differences that affect, or at least should, the choices of content strategy on the two platforms. One thing is certain: TikTok’s impact on the social media landscape is undeniable and has certainly not gone unnoticed. Downloaded over two billion times, it is the most talked about social network and is growing fastest. And Zuckerberg sees it and knows that if there is a platform that can compete, that is Instagram.

TikTok and Instagram: the difference is in the algorithm

Not only that, of course: in terms of features, functions, TikTok offers more effects, filters and templates than Instagram Reels, the duration of the videos is different, on the contrary Instagram offers a more structured advertising platform. TikTok offers a large and easy-to-access music selection, Reels does not give you the ability to access the music library. TikTok videos have reached 3 minutes in duration, but if you exceed one minute, a content on Instagram automatically switches to IGTV.

But, as mentioned, the main difference lies in the algorithm of the two social networks.

TikTok has chosen to do what Spotify and Netflix have been doing for many years, but in a social and optimized version: that is, it pushes content that works towards everyone and not just towards a defined target. What is liked, what can surprise you, what can go viral is valued as much as possible. So, opening TikTok, we are faced with a selection made by the app based on the successful content. Only later, with continuous use, the application begins to offer you content that it believes you can appreciate, based on your interactions.

Instagram, on the other hand, has an algorithm that works differently, because it is based on the user’s interest . If you are interested in football, for example, on the Reels page you will see themed goals, dribbling and video news. In short, a different strategy from that of TikTok. However, in recent weeks, the Reels are shown more easily even to people who do not follow the profile: in other words, Instagram is taking the best of the “rival”, a bit like what happened when it took its cue from Snapchat for the Stories.

So if Instagram is still a more versatile platform , including feeds, stories, IGTV and Reels, perfect for influencers who mainly target millennials (between 25 and 40 years old), TikTok is the most popular and populated social network by Gen Z, the very young, so to speak: but the success has led the platform to open up to other generations as well. In other words, TikTok is getting populated and is no longer the exclusive preserve of the youngest.

The reality, as mentioned, is that there is no contrast between the two platforms . A brand can easily stand on both. What matters is the strategy.

If our audience is mostly on Instagram, it doesn’t mean we can’t find potential followers on TikTok as well.

Let us remember that social media are tools , means through which to apply the marketing strategy, and not the end: our goals must be clear, put pen to paper before landing on social networks. First we need to understand whether to land on Instagram or Tik Tok, then how to do it, with what content, what frequency, study the buyer personas and KPIs, then start creating and publishing content.

The ideal would be to have two different content strategies : one for Instagram, one for TikTok. Mission, values, brand identity, must be the same, clearly diversified the way to present it to people.

As usual, it’s all about testing, analyzing data and correcting – the perfect mix for success on social media.

In conclusion, talking about TikTok “against” Instagram makes little sense, or rather: surely, the two most popular social networks of the moment will continue their “challenge” to attract more users, but it is up to you, brand or professional, to make the most of both. , if necessary, studying strategies and tactics to obtain engagement and conversions .

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