Five keys to becoming an influencer

Five keys to becoming an influencer

Influence ! The Holy Grail of our time connected on social networks where everyone tries to weigh on his neighbor, draw a smile, inspire him a Like, even, the height of recognition, a ReTweet or a Share

How do you become an influencer?

I found myself in a somewhat embarrassed silence because I did not have a ready-made and quick answer to offer. So, I kept the question in mind, thought about it for a good part of the day and came to a conclusion that I would like to share with you.

In fact, it is quite simple to become an influencer and I propose you to discover it through 5 key points.

Be singular

There is so much information constantly circulating on the web that the only way to stand out is to be different from others, so as to be recognizable. Don’t try to become an influencer by simply commenting on political news according to your moods and making headlines on your blog or Facebook page. It will not interest anyone and the place is already taken by people who have acquired a legitimacy that it will be difficult for you to challenge. On the other hand, if you have a passion, if you live in an exceptional place, if you master a particular science or have a sharp knowledge in a field, go ahead and share!

Never forget that the first function we use on the Internet is search. To become an influencer, you must become a “search result” and this result must be the result of a sharp questioning (no one launches a search on the main topic of the 20 hours: it is already at the top of all pages).

The singularity will be your signature and also know that this same singularity will be at the origin of the loyalty of your readers.

Produce content

We do not catch flies with vinegar as our grandmothers used to say. Content is king on the web and if you want to become an influencer, you absolutely must have the ability to produce content regularly and decline this production capacity in the long term.

This is perhaps the greatest difficulty. Many people set out for the “great adventure of influence”, open a blog, publish a first note, then another, then another, then… Nothing. Short of inspiration or simply because they have neither the ability nor the time to design and produce content, the influence will never be there.

By the way, never launch a space on the Internet with a single note. If you plan to keep a blog, practice in the greatest discretion to write and publish notes, as if the blog was already public. Announce its opening once you have written a dozen and you have verified your real ability to produce.

Be positive (and look happy)

Rest assured, I am not advocating for a society of bears but always tell you one thing, the positive has a viral power infinitely superior to the “grumbles” and other bitterness that we find everywhere on the web. As your project is not just to say what you have on your heart but to become an influencer, focus on being positive and constructive in your words and analyses.

You certainly have around you people who always complain, who never get well, who spend their lives being fooled, betrayed, manipulated. By dint of reading them, we have only one desire, to flee! I’m not talking about real friends that you’re obviously going to help with, but those people who are just part of your network and you don’t know more than that. Happiness is contagious, not worries.

Do a simple test. Post two photos a week apart and on the same day at the same time (so that the audience conditions are more likely to be comparable): one representing something that excites and makes you happy, the other illustrating something that annoys you to the highest point. Wait a few days and compare your community engagement. You will be surprised.

Go and comment in others

This is a golden rule for acquiring traffic at a lower cost. To attract visitors to your page or blog, the easiest way is to leave comments on blogs or pages of the most influential people around you. By leaving a comment with an influencer followed by thousands of people daily, you will be able to attract the attention of a part of his audience who will click on your name to learn more about you.

This is flow diversion for your benefit and it is a very effective method.

The social network Quora had embarked on this logic: after declaring your interests and areas of expertise, you had the opportunity to answer questions asked by very eminent people and thus be part of their network. This proximity had the almost immediate consequence of increasing the number of people who followed you (I talk about it in the past tense because it’s been a while since I connected to it).

So identify the people and spaces that rely on the theme you are targeting and comment on each of them.

Do name dropping (in moderation)

Name dropping is simply the fact of quoting names extensively in one’s notes. Everyone, all brands, all organizations, all influencers, constantly monitor what is said about them on the Internet. In a basic way with a simple Google News alert or in a sophisticated way with solutions created and distributed by specialized companies, the names you mention will produce an alert that will go back to the organization or the person quoted who will read you. And that, you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

Make a note in which you rank the “10 best bloggers” or the “50 tweeters to follow urgently” and you will see your audience curve soar to previously unexpected heights. What for? Because the people you quote will immediately go to see what you say about them and, if you have been positive about them, they will be just as immediately happy to report to everyone around them your beautiful and relevant analysis. Apply this rule to products, and you will have all the press services on your doorstep in the blink of an eye.

Now, know how to use this technique in moderation. Because it must not be too visible and, on the other hand, we still expect you to have original content.






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