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NEW 9 November, 2022

Added new block : Full Screen Menu where you can link to your best content.

FIXED 8 November, 2022

Improved RSS feed block to support automatic thumbnails.

Improved user experience on block deletion, page is no longer reloaded.

NEW 27 October, 2022

Added new mobile menu to anticipate the launch of our mobile app.

ANNOUNCEMENT 7 October, 2022

Payment blocks re-enabled.

ANNOUNCEMENT 7 October, 2022

Payment blocks temporarily disabled.

NEW 4 October, 2022

Added statistics latest entries page.

Added biolink OpenSea NFT block.

FIXED 12 September, 2022

Fixed Two Factor Auth not working in some cases.

Fixed Vcard export not properly displaying some UTF8 characters.

Fixed Biolinks settings iconpicker not displaying in certain cases.

NEW 17 August, 2022

Implemented new QR code styles: dot & round.

NEW 4 June, 2022

Advanced Display Conditions

Configure display settings based on countries, device type, browser language or operating system for each blocks.

NEW 3 June, 2022


We are pleased to roll out the beta version of the multi-language feature. We will do our best to improve it and add as many language as we can?

NEW 1 June, 2022

Affiliate Program

We've launched our affiliate program! You can earn 15% of each purchase coming from your referral link

NEW 28 May, 2022

Custom Video Background

We’re excited to offer a new feature for your bio link pages : Video backgrounds ! 📹

With video backgrounds, all linqs users can express themselves by uploading custom video backgrounds (up to 50mb).

NEW 21 April, 2022

Team Features

We are pleased to leverage our Team feature. Now you can create teams and invite some of your collaborators to manage your pages.

NEW 07 March, 2022

Accept payments directly on your page

We added 3 new block types : Donations, Paid Services & Digital Products.

NEW 17 February, 2022

Open links in new tab

You can now enable "open in new tab" feature for external links you create on your bio page.

NEW 08 November, 2021

Extra vCard fields

We added some extra fields to the vCard block

NEW 03 November, 2021

Advanced QR Code functionality

We implemented a highly customizable QR Codes functionality. Check it out

NEW 01 November, 2021

Image optimization

We are happy to announce that - from now - we optimize your uploaded images without losing quality in order to speed up your pages !

NEW 08 October, 2021

Payments are now processed via Paddle

To serve you better, we switched from Stripe to Paddle to process the payments. Existing customers won’t be affected

IMPROVEMENT 07 October, 2021

Pricing Model Change

After some long discussions and a lot of coffee, we decided to change our pricing model to a Lifetime deal only for the next year (2022). Existing account won’t be affected.

NEW 01 October, 2021

Product Guide

In order the help new members, we added a Product Guide that try to explain the main part of the app.

NEW 17 September, 2021

Linqs Mobile App

We’re pleased to launch our progressive web app that will allow you to create or update your branded pages wherever you are.

To install it, simple scan the QR code on your device or go to

NEW 16 September, 2021

8 extra fonts

Now you can add more fonts to your project directly from the font dropdown menu.

NEW 07 September, 2021

Add your own favicon

Favicon is the tiny image that appear next to your website title in the browser. It helps your users identify your website and more frequent visitors of your site will build an instant recognition for that tiny image. This increases your brand recognition and helps you build trust among your audiences.

NEW 05 September, 2021

New Blocks

FAQ Accordion

Discord Server Embed

Facebook Post Embed

Reddit Post Embed

Audio File Upload

Video File Upload

Downloadable File Upload

IMPROVEMENT 12 August, 2021

UTF8 Characters

Now you are able to use UTF8 characters in URL aliases

NEW 23 July, 2021

New background gradient presets

Added new background gradient presets.

NEW 16 July, 2021

Social Links Enhancements

Socials block has been implemented instead of the already existing fixed socials.

IMPROVEMENT 12 June, 2021

Improved all the embeddable blocks

You will now not be allowed to write any type of URL in there, only from trusted sources.

NEW 17 May, 2021

Targeting options for shortened URLs

We implemented targeting options for your shortened links. You can now target people by countries, browser language and device types.

We also implemented rotation (for A/B testing)

NEW 14 May, 2021

Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels help you gather data from your visitors and send them to the one of the available pixel tracking websites, helping you with analytics & conversion tracking for retargeting.

IMPROVEMENT 13 May, 2021

Several Improvements

Improved the deletion process of links and blocks with a better workflow (hopefully).

Implemented the new Pixels system (facebook, google analytics, google tag manager, linkedin, pinterest, twitter, quora).

FIX 10 May, 2021

Several Bug Fixes

Fixed stats not working when used on custom domains.

Fixed custom index URL not working on some cases

QR code not working

FIX 19 April, 2021


Fixed browser auto-filling issue some of our users faced.

NEW 19 April, 2021

Custom domain and shortened links

We reworked how custom domains and shortened links are processed for better performance.

NEW 16 April, 2021

Delete uploaded images

You can now delete already uploaded link-related images, instead of replacing them or contact us to remove them ;) (Sorry it took so long to implement this feature)

IMPROVEMENT 26 March, 2021

Custom domains

Today we’ve rolled out a small improvement to the existing custom domains feature. You are now able to specify a fallback URL that will redirect your visitors when accessing your root custom domain (rather than getting the Login page as default)

IMPROVEMENT 04 March, 2021

CSS Improvment

We made some minor changes on some animated buttons so that the animation are now always on top of other buttons.

NEW 28 February, 2021

Upload your own images

You can now upload your own images for the Image block, Image grid block and Link block thumbnail (instead of pointing an external URL).

Various other improvements, new small features, and bugfixes.

NEW 26 February, 2021

Custom domain

We launched the custom domain feature (Beta). Everyone will now have the ability to add 1 (one) custom domain for FREE per account. To make it work, you have to enter a slug/URI. It will not work if you let the system generate a random string.

Any extra domain can be added for the price of 9 USD.

Please also note that the configuration of your custom domain is not offered in support as this is directly related to your host / server !

IMPROVEMENT 25 February, 2021

Server Migration

Welcome to our new changelog. We encourage you to come back often to see what we are rolling out.

To anticipate the new custom domain feature and to optimize the overall performance, we changed our servers. We did our best to ensure a smooth transition but if you notice any issue with your account, contact us and we’ll sort everything out.

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